How to Attract Digital Nomads’ 5 Second Attention Span

How to Attract Digital Nomads’ 5 Second Attention Span

As millennials and Gen Z came of age while online platforms and social media emerged, they are well-versed with technology, yet have a shorter attention span and stronger yearning for instant gratification than their predecessors. As a result, they flavour visual-driven content in small chunks, such as Instagram stories and short video clips.

Take for example, AIA One incorporates an Instagram-story-like layout with appealing visuals and skimmed texts to promote organisational changes to pinpoint the younger employees’ short attention span. By gamifying the quizzes, surveys and other internal communication materials, employees find these activities more engaging and rewarding and are more likely to participate in learning activities next time voluntarily.

OotF Stories

Figure 1: Informational short stories

Icy Game

Figure 2: Gamification of health & wellness topics

The behavioural shift pushes employers to change the way they engage employees. Companies now opt for more interactive methods to reach and communicate with their younger teammates. The emphasis is on keeping the employees motivated.