......and drink. We do celebrate success with a pint (...or two). But before that, we have a mission to accomplish. We are formed and committed to raise the bar of the tech industry - app designers and developers are professionals no different from lawyers and accountants. It requires specialized knowledge and skills. Our job is to provide an environment and culture for our people to grow step by step, to visualize the career path for them to become a tech solution partner who can take charge.

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Technical Consulting

From security enhancement to cloud migration, from data analytics to performance tuning, App Bar's consultants help you understand the problems you are facing. On some situation, we may advise you to use microservices to allow flexibility of choice of technology; else, we may also suggest to use monolith app to have a unified system.

UI/UX Design

When it comes to design, it is never only about creativity - it consists of a process of evaluation, analysis, research, user interview, and finally visualize the design.

Development & Engineering

We are the disciple of modern software engineering principles: CRUD, REST, and DRY (Don't repeat yourself). App Bar takes different approaches to the development process, based on different project needs. Whether it is waterfall, agile, or Kanban, we leverage continuous integrations / continuous delivery (CICD) to enhance the efficiency, and release your app faster.

Our Product

Employee engagement platform:
Mission to put employees and leaders together and enhance the engagement rate through gamification
Digital reward:
Mission to group and offer various digital rewards to corporate companies

Cloud Management

Just like property management, we can be your management office - whether your "office" is built on AWS Cloud or MS Azure. When your app scales and needs a bigger or more "consistent offices" as the business grows, App Bar's consultants help you provision the resources by using infrastructure as code, which significantly reduces the processing time of infrastructure deployment.



With a happy work environment, we can deliver the most extraordinary products.

World-class apps take more than intelligent code or creative design. It requires a truly supportive work environment of ideators and innovators. Our collaborations are built on a bedrock of transparency, authenticity, and fun.

Your project’s status, budget spend, and progress are always visible and trackable by you. We believe complete transparency forms healthy communication, and healthy communication builds great products.

Authenticity is about honesty to ourselves. This is why we don't say things that we don't understand. We don't do work that we are not professional at.

Some banter never hurts. Some beer's never enough.